Senrei Nishikawa Profile

Dancer, Choreographer, Artistic Director

Born in Kyoto, Senrei began to study Japanese traditional dance at the age of four. Learned from Koisaburo Nishikawa, who is not only the Head of Nishikawa school of Japanese Dance but a remarkable dancer and choreographer of the last century, she took the degree of SHIHAN (the master of dance) as an accomplished dancer.
Also she has been giving original dance performances since 1987. She has been creating whole productions including scripts, construction, direction, scenography, music, and dance, all by herself. Her style is full of high spirit and modern sensitivity, and goes far beyond traditional Japanese performances.


2002 Award for Promising Artists and Scholars of Traditional Japanese Culture (JAPAN ARTS FOUNDATION)

2001 The merits prize at the 20th Kyoto Prefecture Culture Prize

1989 The incentive prize at the 7th Kyoto Prefecture Culture Prize

1981 The 1st Kyoto City Selected New Artist Award


2009  *The Japan Foundation for the lecture tour in U.S.A.

2006   *Agency for Cultural Affairs of Japan and Commemorative Organization for The Japan World Exposition(1970) for “Camille Claudel” France-Swiss Tour

2003    *Agency for Cultural Affairs of Japan and Commemorative Organization for The Japan World Exposition(1970) for “ARUBEKIYOUWA” European Tour

2002   *Fund for traditional arts by Kyoto Prefecture for “Senrei respects the classic”
*The Japan Foundation for the lecture tour at Switzerland and Germany

2001   *Arts Plan 21 by Agency for Cultural Affairs of Japan for “Wieczor Tanca SENREI NISHIKAWA (Senrei’s An Evening of Dance)” at Poland
*Japan Arts Fund for “Senrei’s An Evening of Dance in Poland” at Tokyo, Kyoto
*Fund for cultural exchange by the Kyoto Chamber of Commerce and Industry

2000      *The Japan Foundation for “SENREI NISHIKAWA, An Evening of Dance” at Poland

1981~1999    Many stage-works were granted by Japan Arts Fund and Kyoto Prefecture.

Major Performance at Overseas

2007   “Camille Claudel”at Theatre l’Octogone, Lausanne, Switzerland and La Maison de la culture du Japon a Paris, France

2004     “Ce que retient la ros`ee” Nishikawa Senrei danse et Hac`ene Larbi musique. programme musical du 3-10-2004 en r`esonance avec l’exposition du Grand Palais IMAGES DU MONDE FLOTTANT. Paris, France.

2003   “ARUBEKIYOUWA” European Tour at the Basilica of St. Francis, Assisi, Italy, Staatstheater Darmstadt, Germany, Theater on the Shil, Theater Hochschule Zurich, Switzerland.

“Wieczor Tanca Senrei Nishikawa” at the STUDIO Theatre, Warsaw and the POPULAR Theatre, Plock, POLAND.“SENREI NISHIKAWA, An Evening of Dance” at the MANNGHA Center, Krakow, POLAND“Yuki” at Yogyakarta, Indonesia, as the cultural mission of Kyoto Prefecture

Major Performance at Video

2001  "Song of Birds" - collaborate with Susan Osborn, at the opening of "United Nations International Year of the Mountains 2002 (IYM2002)", Tenkawa, Japan.

1991  "Anonym II - Snow Maiden" - dedicated stage to Zenko-ji(Buddhist temple), direction by Koichiro Hatano, NHK-broadcaster, Japan

Major Lectures

2009  The U.S. lecture tour

2008  At Institut Franco-Japonais du Kansai

2006  At Ecole nationale superieure des beaux-arts, Paris At Universite Jean Moulin Lyon 3,
2002  At C.G.Jung Institute, Zurich At Museum fur Ostasiatische Kunst, Berlin At Kyoto University of Arts and Design

2001  At Kyoto International Community House At the Embassy of Poland in Japan, Tokyo

2000  At Symposium "the Rhythm of Life", Kyoto Bunkyo University
At Warsaw University, Poland
At the STUDIO Theatre, Warsaw, Poland
At Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Poland
Class of Japanese traditional dance at T.T.T. (Traditional Theater Training, Kyoto Art Center)

1998~ Lecture and class of Japanese traditional dance at Associated Kyoto Program Center, Doshisha University, Kyoto

Major Performance

2007  "Suiten" at Senrei's Mountain Stage
2005  "Dialogue in Assisi" at Senrei's Mountain Stage
2004  "Camille Claudel" "Illusion of Matsukaze" at ALTI-Hall, Kyoto
2003  "Hymn for Women - for unfinished picture 'Tomb for the Brutes'"? based on a novel by KURITA Isamu:The Life of KAINOSHO Tadaoto, at ALTI-Hall, Kyoto
2002  "As It Should Be" - based on an essay by Hayao Kawai, at ALTI-Hall, Kyoto
"Dessin" with classical Koto music "the Spring Night", at Senrei's Mountain Stage, Kyoto
2001  "Senrei's An Evening of Dance in Poland' including "The Nighthawk Star" were held at the Noh- Theatre of Tessenkai, Tokyo, Kawamura Noh- Theatre, Kyoto. "Snow Maiden? by a Japanese legend" at Senrei's Mountain Stage.
2000  "Yumedono (the dome of dream)","The Nighthawk Star"? based on a tale by Kenji Miyazawa, at ALTI Hall, Kyoto 1999  "A vision under Shuzan(mountains)" at Senrei's Mountain Stage, Theatre X, Tokyo.
1998  "Usuzumi no Sakura(gray cherry blossoms)" at Kyoto.
1997  "Anonym III","Ohan" at Sogetu Hall, Tokyo.
1996  "Anonym III - inspired by Buddhist Sutra Hannya-shingyo and paintings of Murakami Kagaku","Ohan" at ALTI Hall
1996  "Autumn Woman? by Noh play 'Kinuta'", at ALTI Hall
1995  "Senrei's Tale of Genji"? interpretation on a Japanese classical literature, at ALTI Hall, Artsphere, Tokyo.
"Iroha-sho(a fantasy at an old Japanese song)" with Koto and Taiko(Noh-drum), at Kyoto.
1994  "Senrei's Dojoji"? based on noh play "Dojoji", at ALTI Hall
1993  "Talk and smile to herself? a requiem to Hisajo Sugita", at ALTI Hall
1992  "Arubekiyouwa ? Myoe, Life of Dream" based on an essay by Hayao Kawai, at ALTI Hall. (revived at Artsphere , Tokyo in '94)
1991  "Usuzumi no Sakura(gray cherry blossoms)? based on a novel by Chiyo Uno, at ALTI Hall. (revived at Raforet? Museum, Tokyo in '92)
1990  "Mandara of Gioh-ji"? based on a novel by Buddhist nun- Chisho Takaoka, at Bunka Geijutu Kaikan, Kyoto. (revived at Raforet- Museum, in 1991)
1989  "Anonym?,? - by 'Snow Maiden' 'Kuroduka'" at Bunka Geijutu Kaikan.
1988  "Shinnyo"? based on a novel by Junzo Karaki, at Bunka Geijutu Kaikann.
1986  "Towazugatari"? based on a classical literature, at Bunka Geijutu Kaikan.
1985  "Jo no mai"? based on an essay by Shoen Uemura, at Bunka Geijutu Kaikan.
1984  "Ohan"? based on a novel by Chiyo Uno, at Bunka Geijutu Kaikan.
(revived at Sogetsu Hall, Tokyo in '85, the National Bunraku Theatre, Osaka in '87)
1983  "Evening Bell of Mii-dera"? based on an essay by Takeshi Umehara, at Bunka Geijutu kaikan.
1982  "Seibi? sho"? based on an essay by Shoen Uemura, at Bunka Geijutu Kaikan.
1981  "Goze monogatari" - from an essay by Shin'ichi Saitoh, at Bunka Geijutu Kaikan.

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