Senrei's Evening Without Her Dance

"Rousseau: A Glance of His Life Panorama"

From "Reveries of a Solitary Walker"

This is a performance in which we can catch a glimpse of the panorama Senrei's life as well as that of Jean=Jacques Rousseau's; beyond time, beyond space...

Senrei wrote about her idea of this performance as follows:

"Since a little before Dec. 2010 when I lost my health, ideas of the performance started to rise in me, and I started to work on music first from June 2012...I want this work to be completed because I want to know what it is that is rising in me. Furthermore, it would be too regrettable if I gave it up, especially since I do not want to waste energy of those who are already working with me to realize it..(2011/10/28)

And, these were Senrei's impressions when she first read the Rousseau's book "Reveries of a Solitary Walker":

"Having read the work from cover to cover without any break, I am convinced that the reveries he writes about are the kind that will come to us just before we die, when we look back on the events of our life as though it were a revolving lantern.

...What a man he was!

When I was composing 'ARUBEKIYOUWA/ As It Should Be', I once realized: "All I need to do is to do dance the dream that Priest Myoe dreamt; the dream in which he sees his entire life's events happening in it", and the performance came together.

When I was at the bedside of my dying aunt, I thought, looking at how she was, she was surely having those dreams.

I assume that during these dreams, the things most strongly impressed in one's mind will come flowing forth from the depths like a stream, in no order.

How extraordinary Rousseau was, that he started to write of the revolving lantern two years before his actual death..."

12th April, 2013 at ALTI Hall, Kyoto





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